Turbo Stoves

Boiling a kettle over a fire of sticks and bamboo.

During 2007 I designed and built about a dozen turbo-stoves and a couple of turbo-furnaces.
A turbo-stove is a clean burning device usually burning wood or other solid bio-mass.
They are a close coupled gasifier comprising mainly of a lower combustion chamber where an air starved fire produces gas (smoke) which is then mixed with air and burned in a secondary flame.

The idea is not original but my implementations are.

Most but not all of my stoves are fan-forced.

The smoke from gasified chicken feed burning with a clean flame.

This example is based of a double walled stainless steel wine bucket and is fan force using a 12V 2 Watt computer fan.

I already have several web pages online on the subject so I won't duplicate it all here.
Links to my other sites are here and here

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